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Polin Introduces “NLE-Natural Light Effects” System

The tunnel slides are still very popular. The riders still find it worth experiencing the feeling of passing through a closed tunnel and ending in a splash pool. As a result, most of the park owners/operators include at least one tunnel slide into their parks since these are the ones that guarantee long queues. The typical widely known type of a tunnel slide is a completely dark tunnel ending in a splash pool. Nevertheless, due to two important reasons, it is very possible to come up with a more inspiring tunnel slide, while keeping the operation and maintenance costs and the procedures the same. First, some riders find a completely dark slide scary and irritating. Second, in a completely dark tunnel environment in which water is passing through and sun is shining above the slide- for the slides located outdoor- and the lights are all on – in the indoor parks- , it is absolutely possible to create harmonious natural beautiful light effects with some creativity.

At this point, NLE system, a unique Natural Light System that only Polin offers in the World can create natural, beautiful effects and a truly unforgettable riding experience. NLE System can be briefly summarized as the natural light effects – coming from the sun- that are created inside the tunnel type waterslides by a special manufacturing technique of fiberglass coloration. Polin manufactures these types of slides with a very special technique that makes it possible for the natural daylights go through the slide and create a harmonious colorful effect inside the tunnel slide when combined with the effect of flow of water. These effects created naturally take different forms depending on the status of the daylight during the day. This is really a dynamic living experience rather than a static effect. When you look at the slide from outside, you can see the colorful stripes on the outer surface.

Polin, being the first and the single waterslide manufacturer introducing “NLE” system to waterslide manufacturing has been applying this technique for long years with open mould production methods. Polin from 2009 onwards took this one step further by now applying this method to Magic Shine waterslides as well.

There are different light effect systems that are being used nowadays. What is so different about Polin’s NLE system and what are its advantages?

1. In contrast to most of the other systems that are being used, no electrical equipments are being used with Polin’s NLE system. Thus, additional investments, maintenance and operation requirements are totally eliminated. Additionally, the cost and the risks of electricity usage are also eliminated. Polin’s NLE system is as natural as sun and its usage is totally free of charge.

2. The other solutions that are offered through different systems like electrical power lamp, LED, phosphorous paint, etc. The lifetime of the system is limited depending on the solution chosen. On the contrary, NLE system has an infinite lifetime. As long as the waterslide is in use, NLE system will need no extra care.

3. Since the NLE system production is undertaken in factory environment simultaneously with the production of the slide itself and NLE system production is a completely integrated process to the product itself, all the extra procedures mostly linked with subsequently inserted systems like post drilling, post cutting, etc. are all eliminated. As a result, there is no risk of causing structural damage to the product that are most likely to occur with the alternative systems.

4. NLE system eliminates the guarantee problems that may occur due to the usage of different effect systems. The guarantee of NLE system is included in the overall guarantee of the product itself.

5. NLE system can be integrated into Magic Shine waterslides as well.

Considering all these advantages, Polin’s NLE system is a number one choice for the park owners, operators and for the riders as the safest, costless, most fun and most colorful light effect solution inside the tunnel slides. Polin, a technology leader and an innovator in waterslides industry, is so proud to bring this unique and value added system to the industry.

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