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Aqualand Maspalomas inaugurates first installation of Polin’s side-by-side waterslide

Aqualand Maspalomas kicked off its second season in a colossal way with the installation of one of the biggest waterslides in Europe-and the first of its kind in Spain: a ”Racer Twin Turbolance”.

The waterpark in Las Palmas, a beach-resort city on the southernmost tip of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago, is part of the Aqualand waterpark chain, the largest in Europe. Owned by Aspro Group, the park is among 20 located across the continent in France, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland and Spain.

The ”Racer Twin Turbolance” starts with two circular, racing tube slides. The innovative design of the high-capacity attraction consists of two tunnels configured side by side. Two guests per tube allow the slide to be one of the highest capacity in the park. Riders follow a circular path, racing each other along a series of twists and turns before reaching an enclosure that suddenly plummets riders down a nearly vertical drop. The double-tubes then diverge into two separate Turbolance slides and propel the riders vertically uphill. Riders then experience a reverse path as their race continues backward over a hill, into a valley and ending in a dry-out.

This ride offers strong visual appeal to both riders and spectators. Our Natural Light Effects (NLE) technology is applied. During the first part of the multi-lane slide’s ride path, as guests swoosh at high speed along two double turns in enclosed tunnels, they enjoy the light effects. As water sluices through the ride, it interacts with sunlight that shines through translucent stripes at the top of the slide’s tunnels. These natural effects take different forms depending on the strength and angle of sunlight throughout the day to create a truly dynamic experience for guests. The waterslide is manufactured with Resin Transfer Molding technology which is the latest technology in waterslide manufacturing and offers a smooth and shiny finish on both sides.

Options of the ”Racer Twin Turbolance” waterslide include:
• Fully open versus fully enclosed version (allowing for the development of a completely dark attraction)
• Half-closed/half-open version (which is applied at this project.)
• Natural Light Effects technology
• A launch conveyor or tower for entry options
• Either a pool or run-out exit
• Use with either single or double tubes
• A variety of themeing options

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