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MAXX Royal Golf & Waterpark Resort located on the Mediterranean Coast, in Belek, Antalya, Turkey is opening in May 2011 with a first class waterpark: Cobra Kingdom. As you can read below, there is a wide range of waterslides at MAXX Royal but one is really worth mentioning. Everybody has been anticipating the first installation since its launch at IAAPA Asia 2010. Yes, this waterslide is KING COBRA. MAXX Royal is the first to have this gorgeous, revolutionary, exhilarating, entertaining waterslide in the Region. MORE..

The hotel situated on an area of 400.000 m² is 45 km to Antalya city centre, 35 km to the Antalya Airport. The waterpark part of the resort is located on 10,000 m² (approx. 107,640 square foot).

The Waterpark as a whole and all kids’ slides and articles  are designed, manufactured and installed by Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems, Turkey.  The waterpark part is designed to offer rides for the whole family. There are totally 10 Waterslides including the King Cobra, a kid-sized water play area with numerous themed slides and fountains and a small water play structure together with slides, a tipping bucket and water guns.  The slides in the park are namely King Cobra, Space Hole, Black Hole, Kamikaze, Rafting Slide, 2 Twisters, Flying Boats, Freefall, Giant Body Slide and a Turbolance. The Kids’ Group include Octopus Slide, Mini Pirate Slide, 2 Cobra Slides, 2 Rabbit Slides , Giraffe Shower, 4 Mushrooms , 3 Dolphin Fountains , a water multi level water play structure namely Aquatower Type-300 and a Frog Slide.

The inner tube rides at MAXX Royal are expertly engineered to provide maximum fun and adrenaline. Polin’s unique Magic Shine and Natural Light Effect Systems add great value to these series. There are 3 important rides that are in the extreme slides series which are Space Hole, Uphill Flying Boats and a Turbolance. They are unique rides with their distinctive design and ride path. These waterslides contain different slide routes in one, like vertical drops, classical ride paths, uphill ride route and centrifugal ride route. Water spray jets are commonly used and they provide a frictionless surface on most of these giant slides. Polin’s extreme group mostly has a steep entry part on to the slide surface which provides riders with the thrill of “free falling”.

And King Cobra… King Cobra offers one of the most “intense” riding experiences of the industry while proving itself as the number one attraction in terms of visual impact and spectator appeal. It creates a truly different experience both for the riders and for the spectators. With its unique design configuration, fiberglass theming, coloring and its unique riding path, it will surely be the most attractive attraction not only at MAXX Royal but all over the Region. The core feature of COBRA is its unique configuration that enables 2 double tubes racing through a circular path with twists, turns, surprises and experiencing the drop of their lives still racing and entering into the valley part together at the same time with a heart pounding influence.

The waterslides at MAXX Royal are RTM ( Resin Transfer Molding) manufactured waterslides. RTM waterslide manufacturing technology which is a closed molded technology is the latest and the best production method in waterslides. These slides manufactured by this method offer more since they add value to the general appereance of the park with its smooth and perfectly shiny finish on both sides and its newly designed forms. Through RTM, we obtain superior waterslides both aesthetically and physically in less time and with less waste. Plus, Polin is the single waterslide manufacturer that can offer RTM manufactured family and bowl slides of the industry. Since they are big in size and you need to have the know-how in composites manufacturing and the investment to manufacture these type of big components. POLIN is the first European waterslide manufacturer that uses RTM technology in waterslide production and Polin is the single waterslide manufacturer in the World that produces World’s largest waterslide components using RTM technology. Plus, compared to the open molded production methods, RTM production offers some environmental advantages. It offers a cleaner environment since the styrene emission is much lower than the open molded  methods. Plus, physical waste is much less than the conventional methods. These facts are very important for a company like Polin feeling environmental responsibility. While designing the waterpark, our designers showed maximum effort to protect even a single tree and to protect the unique green nature of the area.

You can download the render photos of Cobra Kingdom Waterpark at


You can visit the official web site of MAXX Royal at  http://www.maxxroyal.com

For the Golf Courses, you can visit http://www.montgomeriemaxxroyal.com/

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